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Friendship Bubble Appeal

Due to the current crisis, a lot of people are not coping and are on their own hardly
seeing a soul, only medical providers and delivery drivers. This is causing great loneliness! Patient Carers want to help by creating Friendship Bubbles.

How It Can Work

If in a bubble, our members can contact each other, talk to each other, and help each other,
creating new interests. To finance this, Patient Carers have started our Lose Weight and Stop Smoking Sponsors Appeal. We need your help! To start and supervise a bubble in your area
we will give you advice and help to do so.

How To Start A Friendship Bubble Appeal

We need members in a bubble contacting each other by phone, text, email, Skype, Facebook etc’, or when permissible masked
or no-mask visits.

Your Role In A Bubble

To create a bubble you need to find members; to do this contact your local Carers Associations, Care Homes or Social Services, and spread the word about anyone you know who is on their own.

We Are All In This Together

By doing this you will be doing your bit to help once you have established your bubble. Why not start another one or encourage other people to do the same. Give your bubble a name, i.e. DISS 46, or WALMER 14. When you have set your bubble up, let us know as we have more ideas to help and support you and other members.

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